Repurposed Tictac Boxes for Camping Spices


I love repurposing containers and the TicTac boxes are perfect for spices when you’re on the go.  For us, this usually means camping, but this would also be a great solution for folks who stay in vacation condos with kitchens or motor homes and travel trailers.  So, save ’em if ya got ’em!

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Tiziana Callari
Tiziana Callari

I would like to ask how did you manage to clean the paper around it, which never comes out properly, without scratching the box!

Danièle des Courières

you can use rubbing alcohol or drug stores to remove glue


Thanks Danièle, I would not have said it better! :)


drug stores ???

Tiziana Callari
Tiziana Callari

thanks , every time I tried it damage the box. I will try with alcohol.

jackie frasure
jackie frasure

This is a great idea!! We have alot of spices we’d like to take camping, but usually just take the salt and pepper. Because its all too much to pack.

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