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Steampunk Lamp From an Old Clock

By Neokentin

Vintage clock rehabilitated into a steampunk lamp. It is made with the elements behind this clock, gears, needles and the lighting with LED lights from an old Christmas light and […]

Steampunk Gears Whimsical Wood Black Telephone Upcycled 2-port Usb Charger Lamp

By Loftyideas4u

I call this Light “Chatter Box” and or “Walkie Talkie” as it’s a replica of a vintage wooden wall phone. This phone has been creatively repurposed into this whimsical steampunk character phone. It’s not only a Lamp but also a piece of art that is practical. The front tray holds your phone while it charges as well as charging your tablet on the inside. The USB charger is located on the inside and has 2-ports. The Edison Light Bulb along with the Steampunk gears, give this “Chatter Box” the character that will make a fun statement in your Urban Loft Space.

Steampunk Upcycled Vintage 1920 Remington Typewriter Repurposed Plasma Desk Lamp

By Loftyideas4u

Industrial Steam Punk Plasma Typewriter is like typing at the speed of LIGHT.

Steampunk Edison Lamp

By Neokentin

Steampunk Edison Lamp made from a broken old clocked and distressed wood.

Piece Of Time: Jewels from Upcycled Watch Parts

By Neokentin

A piece of Time for each…

Steampunk Book: Tribute to Jules Verne

By Neokentin

Regarding the book, there is a “re-creation” the base is a book reuse enhanced with a binding “old style” and reworked interior cabinet with leather. It opens with a rotation […]

Steampunk Lamp

By Neokentin

Style fantasy Lamp “Steampunk” made from an old box of an ancient carbide lamp (époque 1900) hygrometer and parts of clocks and various toppings. The carbide lamp is lit by […]

Upcycled Lamps

By Neokentin

I make lamps from old kinds of recycled material I find everywhere. The combination of old pieces of wood and metal is fascinating. Things get a new task.

Industrial Re-purposed Vintage Wooden Shoe & Metal Roller Skate Up-cycled Steampunk Lamp

By Neokentin

Vintage Corey “5A” Shoemaker Last is a great item on it’s own as shown in photos. Vintage distressed and rusted Roller Skate is a great find and fits the Wooden […]

Industrial Lamps

By BorkaNYC

Both of these lamps were made from antique/vintage drill presses and other bits and parts, including old hurricane lamp cut to size, old lock, 1920’s egg beater, US Navy electrical […]

Vintage Steam Punk Industrial Re-purposed World Globe Swivel Desk / Floor Lamp

By Neodim

I made this amazing One Of A Kind table or floor lamp. I call it my “What’s this world coming to?”, it’s an Industrial Steam Punk re-purposed world globe into […]

Repurposed Industrial Steam Punk Gas Pump Into Lamp

By Neodim

This desk lamp is made from a repurposed vintage industrial 1930’s – 1940’s gas pump handle & gas can. The cast aluminum EBW 402 gas pump handle with spout is […]

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