by Tappo Bag

Tappobag – The Original Bottle Caps Bag

TappoBag are made from recycled bottle caps and other recycled materials. We collect waste materials and turn them into one-of-kind and limited edition products. Our bags are completely hand crafted, cruelty free and could be customized on request.

In 2012, we were looking for a waste material not yet used in fashion and highly polluting. After careful research and analysis, we became aware of bottle caps waste as a big problem. So the idea to create a bags brand, using this waste material.

The new bag was called Tappo Bag (tappo, in Italian, means bottle cap). We are the creators of this original work, protected by copyright.

In January 2013, we’ve presented our project at Berlin Fashion Week (Ethical Fashion Show) and we started a collaboration with Open Design City at Betahaus in Berlin. In February 2013 we’ve been selected for Camden Lock Market in London and from March 2013 we’ve been invited to show our collection everywhere. In November 2013 we’ve been selected from Wowcracy for Vogue Talents v.2.

Each bag is handmade with lots of love and the highest standards in craftsmanship by our volunteers and talented artisans. It takes between 4 hours to 4 days to create just one TappoBag. The first step is to collect, wash and sterilize bottle caps. After that, each bottle cap is pierced (4 holes). Then, bottle caps are woven together with metal jump rings. The last step is the careful process of sewing the bag, and sewing bottle caps on it.

Each bag prevents, from 20 to 230 bottle caps, from ending up in landfills. We have partnered with bars and restaurants in Tuscany to repurpose unwanted bottle caps. Instead of having their bottle caps end up in landfills, we reuse them to make our bags. With our work, we would like to increase awareness and providing solutions to the problems bottle caps cause to wildlife and humans alike. A worldwide problem.

It’s true: bottle caps keep the products we use everyday clean, fresh and safe. But bottle caps often become litter in our oceans, streams and beaches. Every year countless birds, mammals and sea turtles die from ingesting caps and other plastic debris. Little caps floating in the water can look like an easy meal for a wide variety of wildlife, from fish and sea turtles to marine birds. Even in a landfill, bottle caps still pose a threat to animals such as seagulls, which scavenge through the masses of trash looking for food.

It’s time to do something! We want live in a healthier, cleaner and more peaceful planet!

TappoBag is a project of “Let’s Eco Party”, an Italian environmental non-profit organization.






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