Upcycled Old Leggings Into Beautiful Lampshades

If you are fun of creative recycling, you will love this unusual DIY idea found at Vintage Revivals website, that show you how you can convert and old and ordinary legging into a colorful and stylish lampshade!

What you’ll need: A lamp with a small size lampshade, a full size legging, scissors, and a silicone gun.

DIY Instructions: First cut the tights at the top and the highest point to remove the “legs” and get the maximum possible width. Pass the piece that you cut up, stretching it lightly onto the lampshade. Glue with silicone gun first point with the rubber and then cut with scissors fabric over from the other side, leaving a margin of 1 cm or 2 cm. Then, stick the margin of the fabric around the cap with silicone gun …. and voila, your new lamp is ready!

For the complete tutorial, visit Vintage Revivals website.








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WOW! This is a fabulous idea and I’ll definitively use it .
Thanks for sharing!

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