Volkswagen Van –> Office

Volkswagen Van –> Office 1 • Home Improvement
Elected one of the coolest reuse of an old VW van !

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Baconroll Handmade

Awww man! This is a really sweet looking office. The van really made the difference.

Rudy Remy

Constant Belgeri ? C’est ton bureau ?

Constant Belgeri
Reply to  Rudy Remy

j’aimerai bien :)

Dona Varrato


Kate Adams

Build it out of cardboard?!!!!!!!!!! Can we?

Lisa Sparkes

That’s a bit cool :)

Sue Stajic

Too cool xx

Penny Tweedie

I want one- actually I have the vw body – I am seriously doing this lol

Victoria Rendón M

Matt Ratchet Rios you should just do this with your van hahaha

Matt Ratchet Rios

That is blasphemy!!! That poor vw has been crippled from ever taking to the streets, or going camping……..I …….I……..

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