Upcycled Plastic Bottle Lamps

Lights made from plastic waste drinks bottles that are creatively reused! The bottles are collected, cleaned, sandblasted and then transformed into decorative shapes totally unrecognizable from their original state. They are then screwed into the inner shade which is made from recycled card.




++ Sarah Turner eco furniture & product design

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Who is Neokentin?

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  1. Tara Kinsella - January 15, 2010

    I’m curious as to know if you glued any of the plastic pieces together to create that design before attaching them to the recycled card. And if you did what kind of glue did you use for that?

    Tara Kinsella

  2. Asha - May 15, 2013

    soo wonderful, good idea..
    very creative … unbelivable

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