Chicken light bulbs


Great upcycling process by Christian Courtois  !

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  1. Cathy - June 24, 2009

    I love these chicken light bulbs, what a great idea!

  2. carrie - August 19, 2009

    This is AWESOME!

  3. david - September 9, 2009

    OMG i love this!!!! lol haha jk

  4. david - September 9, 2009

    aaaaahhhhhhhhh chickien i hope they don’t turn this chicken into mcdonalds chicken nuggets!!! lol! (mccruelty?

  5. Christian Courtois - January 27, 2011

    You may find lots of such “recycling smiling art”

  6. Neodim - January 27, 2011

    Thanks Christian !

  7. deana - February 17, 2013

    those are so awsome I will have to make some of these and put them in our Cafe we have. it is decorated country and western. So been looking for fun and vintage things to put in the cafe. I have some old metal nest boxes I am going to hand on the wall and have condiment packets, napkins, silverware ect in each box. Then the other one will have some fake chickens and chicks in them. lol

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