Nespresso Brooches

Nespresso brooches in a flower shape – a great idea for recycling the coffee capsules and make them look beautiful :)


++ More information at BiNiJuKas website !
Idea sent by Nicole Coelho Minas !

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  1. Julie - January 21, 2013

    Id love to know hoe to make these but site linked is all foreign ;(

  2. Nicole Coelho Minas - January 23, 2013

    Hi Julie!
    First of all, thank you for beeing interested in my job :)
    I’m from Portugal and the Facebook page is in portuguese, that’s why you can’t understand it.
    It’s a big gap from me for not having the page in english also, but that’s because my main public is form Portugal.
    You can send e-mail me at *

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