Disappearing tree


I was amazed discovering the work done by Daniel Siering and Mario Shu in Potsdam, Germany.

++Street art utopia

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  1. Ayla Paul - December 30, 2013

    Marieke Vromans, dit deed me aan jou denken!

  2. Sebastian Ng - December 30, 2013

    first thing popped up in mind when I saw this is not the tree disappeared, it’s kind of like a statue of a lady

  3. Marieke Vromans - December 30, 2013

    Ayla Paul ik zag m ook. Vet hè! Lief dat t je aan mij deed denken. X

  4. Aisling O'Hagan - December 31, 2013

    did he paint that? oh my goodness. this is beautiful.

  5. Kizzy Lyn Hanson - February 27, 2014

    Paint the whole thing, you’ll have people running into it.

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