Wood log for your bathroom sink

Wood log for your bathroom sink in wood  with Wood sink Bathroom

What a nice idea ! For a vintage ambiance !

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  1. Aurora Rios - February 23, 2014

    Pretty mais bonjour le nettoyage

  2. Christine Edmonds-Riley - February 23, 2014

    WHOUAH ! on va aller chercher l’arbre vite !

  3. Anja Ohnesinn - February 23, 2014

    Abgefahren. Aber die Ketten finde ich ein wenig too much.

  4. Jon Kelsey - February 23, 2014

    I give it a 10 for neat looks, but a 1 for functionality(imagine the pain in the neck it would be to maintain). A piece of wood like this has already started to degrade, infusing it with gallons of chemicals will only slow the deterioration.

  5. György Kisterpesti Porubszky - February 23, 2014

    Che bello mi piace molto il rusticale fatto veramente bene ed é anche una bellissima idea complimentiiiii

  6. Milena Monte - February 23, 2014

    Que boa ideia para o Mickael! aha! :-)

  7. Mike Kelso - February 23, 2014

    Great. Except for the drain. No excuse for that.

  8. Alessandro Campini - February 24, 2014

    in un bagno cosi’ mi laverei anche tutti i giorni.

  9. Véronique Greborio - February 24, 2014

    Jeremy, regarde comme c’est beau aussi … mais pas autant que le tien ;)

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