2017 Top 5 Recycled Art Projects You Created

Before you throw it out, think of different ways you can use that item. Look at the T0p 5 Recycled Art Projects that you created and selected as the best!

Find inspiration in the Top 5 Recycled Art Projects that YOU created!

Thank you for the many years of support and the astounding projects you all create! We can’t wait to see what you make in 2018!

#1: Turn magazines into a stunning vase!

Recycled Art Projects include this upcycled magazine art vase. Each circular segment is coiled paper!
This outrageous vase was created using upcycled paper products. Old magazines transform into a stunning focal piece for any room of the house.

#2: Turn your old DVD cases into a unique Vertical Planter!

Transform old DVD cases into wall planters - one of our top 5 Recycled Art Projects ideas to inspire you!
DVD cases are the base of this cute planter idea!

#3: Turn Pallet Wood into a Stylish Coat Rack!

One of the top 5 Recycled Art Projects is this pallet coat rack.
A beautiful, rustic pallet coat rack. Easy to make and definitely easy to look at!

#4: Turn a pallet into a DIY Coffee Bar!

Another of our top 5 Recycled Art Projects ideas includes this easy one-pallet coffee bar.
Make a special place to rejuvenate in the morning. Build a super-easy DIY Pallet coffee bar and enjoy that java!

#5: Upcycle an old treadle base into a sewing machine chair!

Upcycle old treadle bases into chairs. Another of our top 5 Recycled Art Projects.
Simply lovely! If the sewing machine head unit is beyond repair, turn the treadle base into a unique chair any seamstress or tailor would appreciate.
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