September Sewing Month Project Ideas!

In the United States, September is National Sewing Month, so let’s have some fun with these Sewing Month Project Ideas!

Dust off that old machine, add some oil, and let’s get started with some Sewing Month Project ideas that you’ll love!

Turn old shirts into Upcycled Suspenders Skirts. Cute and practical! This idea is even a DIY Video Tutorial for your convenience. If you have an old shirt that you love, but it maybe has a stain or a tear in an inconvenient location, don’t just throw it out. Turn it into a cute little outfit instead!

Sewing Month Project ideas like this little jumper from an old shirt means you don't waste money!

Turn a dress into a one-of-a-kind bag! If a zipper breaks, don’t throw the dress away. Create a unique looking bag!

This bag from a dress is a great Sewing Month Project.

Make unique flasks with an upcycled glass bottle and some old jeans! There are many jeans projects included, but this one is something to raise your cool-factor.

This jeans-covered flask is a kickass Sewing Month Project.

Turn old plastic cement bags into the perfect packable picnic pad! This foldable picnic blanket could be packed easily, even on a bicycle!

this picnic blanket from an old cement bag is a brilliant Sewing Month Project.

Turn old Coffee Sacks into Adorable Bags! Upcycle coffee bags into brilliant additions to your wardrobe.

purses and bags from old coffee bags are fun Sewing Month Project ideas.

Old T-shirts become modern Tops to show your sense of style. Dress up a boring t-shirt with little pieces from your other favorite clothes that may be wearing out. Attach them in any pattern you want!

This frumpy-to-fabulous T-shirt project is a great Sewing Month Project - simply sew on small pieces of other favorite materials in a simple band across the shirt.

Monsters hiding under the bed? None will be as cute as these Upcycled Cotton Monsters. C’mon – how awesome are these little critters? Unleash the monster inside you and have fun making these creepy and cuddly beasts!

The most horribly adorable Sewing Month Project has got to be this collection of little cotton monsters. Too cute for words.

Turn that broken umbrella into a water-resistant bag! How many times have you broken an umbrella and it wasn’t fixable, but the material was still in great shape? Probably more than you want to admit. Now we have an idea for you to use that material!

This upcycling Sewing Month Project will put those old, broken umbrellas back into functional service.

Have some old jeans to use for your Sewing Month Project? Then you have the potential for hip lunch bags! These snack bags from jeans are so cute that they could also be a great idea for the start of a small purse.

Make jeans snack bags. A great Sewing Month Project.

Have a shabby-chic dinner party with these Denim Napkin / Silverware Holders! Reuse jeans in this sewing month project and surprise your dinner guests.

Turn jeans into napkin holders as your Sewing Month Project.

Turn pajama tops into fluffy Pillows!

Turn pajamas into a nice, fluffy pillow. This Sewing Month Project would be a great one for kids spending time away from home for the first time.
So … fluffeh!

Make bath time an animal adventure with these silly and adorable washcloths! You could make these animal-themed washcloths for the kids, but these would be fun gifts for those adult kids in your life too.

Make animal-themed washcloths for your Sewing Month Project.

Turn inner tubes into wicked-cool bags! Make these expensive-appearing bags. No one needs to know that they’re made with upcycled inner tubes!

You'd never believe these upscale purses are actually upcycled innertubes. What a clever Sewing Month Project.

Now show us your September Sewing creations! Keep those great upcycling ideas coming! Turn a mailbox into a garden tools holder.

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