Dog House with a Rooftop Garden

This doghouse, made of reclaimed wood scavenged from Dumpsters, features a garden on top !

For more info, visit the Unconsumption blog !


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Joelle Bernaud via Facebook
Joelle Bernaud via Facebook

je veux la même pour lola


This is awesome!

Fabio Zanino via Facebook

Luckily the dog dislikes vegetables!

Shelley Davis
Shelley Davis

Amazing. Where is this? I just hope it doesn’t leak and I hope that it’s insulated inside. Do not leave your dog chained or unattended. A dog is a family member.

Annalisa M Dahlen via Facebook
Annalisa M Dahlen via Facebook

my cat would probably make that her litter box.

Kerry Vintage-val Lewis

Tracey Peacock cats?!

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