Refresh Old & Cheap Objects Using Spray Color

All of us, have had received a gift that is so kitsch and bad taste that it’s even ashamed to donate them charitable associations. If you have such items that you do not want to throw away for sentimental reasons – because you had since you remember yourself in your parents’ house, or why you do not want to hurt your favorite aunt or grandmother – there a way to integrate them into your interior design, simply by spraying some colors on them!

The tasteful collection of vases of the first photo is the same collection of mismatched and cheap ornaments you see in the second picture, which transformed easily, quickly and economically, since painted with spray.

The process is simple and DIY is ideal even for most beginners. Thoroughly clean the object you want to paint without leaving a trace of water and by removing any kind of dust. Preferably outdoors, and having spread cardboard or newspapers not to dirty the floor, spray the object from a distance with the color you want. Allow to dry thoroughly the first spray and repeat the process once or twice so as to cover all the points with color, leaving time to dry between each hand-painted.

With the same process, you can transform almost everything like frames, cheap plastic items, or kid’s toys and transform them into pop style decor ideas for youth rooms with bright colors spray paint…



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Decent! What colors did you use?

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