by László Szabó

Punctured Bicycle Inner Tube Belts

Bicycle tube belt from the “Felvarrom” upcycled/recycled cycling apparel manufacture!

Every bicycle inner tube belt has text from the manufacturer or a puncture fixing patch on it’s surface, so all different and unique. All are made from carefully selected, high-quality, recycled/upcycled bicycle inner tubes, with colorful linen tapes sewn on the side by our own hands.

Besides the extremely durability these tube belts are soft and doesn’t stretch. All of the tubes we collected are cleaned, this belt won’t stain your pants.

The metal parts are made of nickel steel. The strong flip-top buckle is adjustable, not need holes, and doesn’t hurt the surface of the inner tube or the strips.

A small “Felvarrom” trademark is sewn on the end of the belt.

The price include a case sewn from bicycle inner tube. Handmade in Budapest.

Width: About 40 mm / 1.3 inch

Length: uniquely for your waist.

One review from Cycletechreview: “And the resultant quality of the product? Well the belt we have is superb.







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Irene Mediavilla Fuentes
Irene Mediavilla Fuentes

jajajaja super! Skorpion T. De Moya

Skorpion T. De Moya
Skorpion T. De Moya

Nooooooo!!!!!! Ya boté un tubo esta semana!!!!

Isamar Colon

Irene Mediavilla Fuentes para tu esposito.

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