by David Miller-hershon

Repack- Bags from Cars

I’d like to introduce you to the brand new company, rePack. rePack is a company on a mission to create one of a kind products using repurposed materials and the highest quality local craftsmanship. I spend a lot of time at the junkyard finding the sturdiest and most interesting upholstery pieces to use for our bags. I pick each piece for each bag so that every rePack bag is a unique, wearable piece of art. Each bag’s style is met with an equal amount of substance. It will stand up to the test of time due to the toughness of the upholstery and seatbelt straps and the simple, rugged nature of the design. It was also important in my design process that I create a bag that would fill all the daily needs of the user. To do this, I created a strap system that seamlessly transforms the bag between use as a backpack, messenger bag, tote, or satchel. All of these features make a rePack bag as at home in the city as in the country. As practical for a daily trip to the farmers market as for a weekend trip down the coast. As stylish on the back of a biker as sitting shotgun in your convertible. Check out the designs available or pre-order your unique bag today.

rePack happily accepts custom orders. Tell us what colors you like, pick the car model you want your bag to come from, or have an entire set of bags made out of an old car you plan to send to the junkyard.

Check rePack out: FacebookFlickr
rePack created by David Miller-Hershon
Photo Credits: Kelsi Kane





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