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At Recyclart, we love lights & lamps, so we’ve made an extensive selection of lights made of recycling and upcycling. So will your next light be made from recycling? You should if you want to have a unique one!

Turn Old Records Into This Upcycled Vinyl Floor Lamp

By Neokentin

I made this Upcycled Vinyl Floor Lamp using a standard floor lamp, to begin with. I melted the records and reshaped them into cones for the lamp shades. I used another […]

Luminous Upcycled Robot Sculpture Made From Junk

By gille monte ruici

I made this Upcycled Robot Sculpture only using recovered parts. It is lit with LEDs to reduce heat and to make it luminous! This Upcycled Robot Sculpture would be great […]

Upcycled Doll Chandelier Made Using Recycled Materials

By Neokentin

Handmade and unique chandelier made it with dolls on on a cardboard tube

Wine Bottle Pendant Light Features Copper Plumbing Fixture

By Kevin Sutton

Recycled Hanging Light made from an empty wine bottle and plumbing parts.

Rgb Backlit Recycled Wooden City Wall Art

By sakisss

I made this RGB Backlit Recycled Wooden City Wall Art from recycled pine boards I found. The RGB light strip changes through 16 colors to create a beautiful ambiance. Make […]

Transform Old Pipes Into This Awesome Steampunk Lamp!

By BigPhil

If you’re looking for a doable steampunk project, this is an excellent choice because it’s simple, functional with a flexible neck and boasts raw good looks.

This steampunk lamp is inspired by a genre of science fiction, a derived style of design and the very modern view – which is really quite ancient, and therefor fits perfectly with the steampunk philosophy – that it is always better to repurpose and reuse. The landfill is a dirty word.

Unbelievable Meteor Shower Solar Powered Lamp Yard Art

By Neokentin

This is a tribute art piece that I fabricated for a friend. I made this unique piece of yard art, and titled it “Meteor Shower.” I made it into a Solar […]

Graphic Lines Inner Tube Lamp Shades

By WownID

Is it rubber or leather? Recycled inner tubes, cut and wrapped around: you must see the effect!

Rock & Roll Desk Lamp From Recycled Vinyl Records

By hipelee

Lamps made from recycled vinyl records!

Vintage Grinder Lamp

By Zanas

Table lamp from Antique French iron food grinder upcycled repurposed original gift industrial lamp ambiance light.

Recycled Engine Parts Into Desk Lamp

By Max

This desk lamp was made from used engine parts and an old broken lamp.

Wooden Lamp from One Left over Wooden Board

By Soikkeli

I had leftover boards of black alder from my previous sauna renovation project. Those we’re used to the seats, but after a short use, we changed them to a little darker wood…

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