by Kelly + Leslie Tiano

Recycled Glass Bottle Jewelry by Revetro

The inspiration behind these Bombay Sapphire gin (and Coke) bottle charms materialized over the past year as we tried to find ways to repurpose an entire bottle without leaving any glass behind. These unique antiqued copper framed charms are handcrafted from the glass remnants of our other designs. Every glass charm in our new spring line is one of a kind.

reVetro is a daughter and mother-in-law team located in San Diego, California. We have been designing and creating glass bottle jewelry together since 2009. Our passion for upcycling discarded wood, metal, fiber, paper and glass is the inspiration behind all of our lines. With four decades of experience in repurposing, reVetro is powered by endless innovation.

Get informed via their social media of reVetro’s many one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces that are offered on their Etsy store.

Kelly + Leslie Tiano
Photo Credit: Kelly Tiano




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Céline Deblois Privé

Très jolie !

Edith Stevenson

Reminds me of the beach….here comes summer!!

Renée Tremblay

j’viesn justement d,aller acheter du matériel de soudure :D


Thanks, Recyclart!

Joni Smith
Joni Smith

Are your pieces electroformed? I tried something similar, using copper tape and electroforming it and it seemed brittle and I was so sad that I did something wrong. Yours are beautiful.

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